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We at Bench the Stench created a wide range of storage and drying solutions that are specifically designed to extend the life of your gear by keeping it fresh and dry. We understand that players range in age, participation, intensity level, and likely play multiple times per week. Regardless of the situation, a player perspires, gets their protective gear moist and should maintain it by creating a proper storage and drying environment for their equipment between games.


No more piles of protective gear and skates lying around your basement, garage or closet. Getting the most out of your equipment requires that you allow it to dry between events. We offer a wide range of solutions meeting a wide range of needs and busdgets.

  • The BtS Open Air Wall Rack with clips and hooks to hang all of the protective gear. Ideal for the youger player
  • The BtS Open Air Sports Equpment Bag, a unique carry bag solution that enables to store and dry their equipment by hanging the bag by its hooks after each game and letting the equipment dry
  • The BtS Dry 'n Store Closet, a unique dry 'n Store product that can dry tour equipment in 3 - 4 hours. It can be permanently mounted at home or it also conveniently collapses into its very own carry bag so that you can take it with you for those out of town games.

Designed by hockey players for hockey players, Bench the Stench quickly dries and freshens a full set of a hockey player's equipment and skates in a protective lightweight closet.

   Watch the video to learn more about the Bench the Stench Dry 'n Store Closet

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