Welcome to Bench the Stench...

The sports equipment product that focuses on providing an odour free storage and drying solution.


No more cold and damp hockey equipment.

No more piles of smelly pads and skates stinking up your basement, garage or closet.

  • Just hang your equipment on the specially designed hangers and hooks.
  • Zip up the closet and turn on the whisper-quiet drying/filtration system.
  • Warm ambient air is pulled into the closet, drawing out moisture and odour through an activated charcoal filter. The refreshed and deodorized air is exhausted back into the room, safe for noses everywhere.
  • In just 3 to 4 hours, cold, wet, unsanitary equipment turns into warm and dry equipment, ready for play.
  • Portable travel and goalie models also available.

Designed by hockey players for hockey players, Bench the Stench quickly dries and freshens a full set of a hockey player's equipment and skates in a protective lightweight closet.

   Watch the video to learn more about the Bench the Stench Dry 'n Store Closet

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