Bench the Stench Video Series

We at Bench the Stench know that there are many prodcuts on the market to dry sports equipment, but few of them are abe to accomplish this without dispersing an unacceptable foul odour in the room. As parents and active players we understand the stink issue and why most families declare that the equipment be stored in an outside damp and cold garden shed or garage. As players there is a time where we no longer want to put on wet, cold and sometimes frozen equipment to play a game of hockey. We want everyone that participates in a sport where the euipment is subjected to perspiration, lots of it and provide to these people a storage and drying accessory that enables them to bring back their equipment into the home.

The Bench the Stench videos are designed to explain how the closet works, its features and benefits and why it is the most effective product for any active sports enthusiast in providing a stink free storage and drying environment.

Introducing the "Bench the Stench" Closet

Bench the Stench Travel Closet Setup

Bench the Stench Standalone Closet Setup

Adding Sports Equipment to your Bench the Stench Closet

How the Bench the Stench dries sports equipment "Stink Free"

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